Getting to Know Your Angels

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Your Angels are always communicating with you 24/7.    Do you hear them? Do you understand their signs & guidance? Would you like to learn your Angels names and how they speak to you? Angel Communication is much different than how we speak to each other.  You have 5 main Guardian Angels working within you daily.

In this Course you will learn:

  • Your 5 Angels names 

  • Levels of Consciousness

  • Divine Guidance vs Ego Manipulation

  • Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, ClairCognizance

  • Angel Signs & Synchroncities

  • The How, When, Where, & Why of Divine Communication

  • The Now Moment

  • Creating Space

  • How to Use Angel Oracle Cards

Goals of this Class

  • You will know how to recognize signs from your Angels

  • You will confidently receive and know the messages your Angels send

  • You will ease into your confidence in your connection to your Angels

  • You will learn not to fear Spiritual Energy.

  • You will learn how differentiate between you 5 Core Angels & know their names

  • You will learn how your Angels can help connect you to more higher vibrations & higher levels of consciousness

  • You will discover how to see, hear, feel and know the messages your angels send you

  • You will discover how angels help you become aware of inspiration, new ideas and creativity already in your life


Pick Your Membership Level

Level 1: $44 Per Month

Click Here

Level 2: $88 Per Month

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This is NOT your typical ANGEL CLASS!

  • Are you ready?
  • Can you commit the time? If you can the rewards of this class will be amazing. Each personals results will match exactly what they need. No cookie cutter Angel communication here. No referring to the little book that comes with Angel Card Deck.This class will change your life.
  • This Course is designed for the Beginner Enthusiast all the way through to the experienced Angel Communicator. 
  • We will use a combination of embedded videos, pictures and documents in addition to a weekly live Webinar Class.  Only 1 week at a time will be released so that you can concentrate and focus on the info at hand and complete the daily connection exercises to allow them to build on each other.  You will receive email guidance everyday.  I will also be creating a private online Facebook group for members only of this class.
  • There will be a large amount of info to digest,  but we promise you this type of course isn't about repeating back information until you're a great repeater.  This isn't information you have to learn.  This information is who you are now but you believed what others have taught you to the contrary.  No one can every Certify you in anything.  We will just help you become aware of what is already present within you. 
  • We will help you reconnect deeply to your own personal Divine Connection.  No middle man needed!  You will discover the best way for you to connect to your Angels in only a way that you ca hear their guidance.  There is no one right way but there is your way that's perfect for you.
  •  ~Your Angels

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