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Denise B. Povernick works with high-achieving, passionate women CEOs and C-level executives who are ready to create results beyond strategy.  She is often referred to by her clients as “The CEO’s Secret Weapon.”

From the age of 3, Denise was made aware of her unique abilities as an energetic master and healer through her grandmother.   She continued to use her gifts personally and professionally throughout her life and began to dive into the study of what she innately knew in her early 20’s transforming her gifts into a results-driven art form.

Denise’s experience goes well beyond her energetic abilities.  She is a trained investigator and interrogator in the Reid Technique, as well as a renowned profiler and interrogation closer.  Denise is also a 9th Degree Reiki Grand Master – a title exclusively held by less than the top 1% of Reiki practitioners and only 40 in the entire world.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Denise parlayed her passion for well-being into a thriving international “energy-driven” personal training and nutrition company that is co-owned and run by her partner, Curvin Desmoulin.

Today, Denise works exclusively with elite clientele by referral only.  Using The Infinity Solution ™ to create multi-point alignment, Denise works with these high performers as an energetic creationist to help them learn how to master their personal energy so that they can create far better results faster, with significantly less effort, and become invincible in their industries and their lives.
Denise is an international speaker and has shared the stage with influencers ranging from best-selling author John Gray to NY Yankee James Leyritz.  Her book, The Invincible CEO, and Podcast by the same name, are set to debut in 2020.

Client Results

“I experienced results working with Denise immediately.  Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what she did at first, but after one session with her, I very quickly realized that she needed to be a core part of my business strategy.  After just a few months, my business revenue has leaped (and her highest-level investment paid off), perfect team members and clients for the up leveling show up and I feel more empowered as a leader and as a woman than I have in years.  She is like the law of attraction MBA addition on steroids.  Our team can’t imagine doing business without her and neither can I.  If you are truly looking to up level your business and your life and she is willing to take you on as a client – do not hesitate for a second.  This is the highest ROI investment I’ve ever made in my business and we’ve only just begun.” – Kelly O’Neil , CEO Innovate Brand Agency

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars growth in my business, new insight and clarity on making decisions right away that would have previously taken months.  I’ve finally learned how to get out of the overly logical mind of being a CEO into my own intuitive mind, where I can skip over each individual step and approach my business from the mindset of taking big leaps. I can wholeheartedly say that if you are a CEO or a Business Owner, a Leader, High-Level executive, if you are someone who wants to break through an income plateau, Denise is the answer. She is the CEOs’ Secret Weapon, and she someone who I will keep in my personal board of directors for life.”   - Kelly Roach, Kelly Roach Coaching

“Denise is seriously hands down one of the best energists in the world. There’s no one quite like her and she is totally the dominant authority in her space. She’s real, she will make you break through walls, and she understands the true psychology of bringing out the best in you in so many ways. If you are seriously ready to become invincible, Denise is the best kept secret you need to have in your life. I highly recommend her!”  - Dr. Angela Tran, CEO MedFit, Denver Weightloss Clinic

“Denise is fantastic! She is kind and the real deal. She has helped me (& others in my family) move through very challenging personal experiences that were devastating.  Through this process, I was able to reconnect and rediscover the person I was meant to be.  She gently guides, instructs & leads you towards self-realization and growth.  As a result, my career is flourishing, and I’m a better wife, mother, friend and professor.  I recommend Denise to anyone who is serious about living their best life.” -Professor Marcella Canfarotta, Temple University



You deserve the same opportunity as the CEO of your life!

Her combined experience as an 


It's Time to Dream BIGGER than ever!

Employing an approach that synthesizes the body, mind and spirit, Denise has a profound manner of helping you to realize how powerful you truly are and that any imaginable feat is within your grasp. With this type of guidance, Denise empowers you to rise beyond current limitations and generate opportunities that open new pathways to what you want.

Having an experienced guide show you a better way to access your power to achieve more is the key to unearthing your invincibility!



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