When you are tired of your own BS and huge changes are needed, I am the no-nonsense, intense, results-driven Spiritual Life Coach that won't let you hide from yourself or accept any limitations... because you have with me & life gets amazing!

My Empowerment Mentoring & Coaching is unique.  I help you/your business transform holistically through the Personal Trinity of MIND – BODY – SPIRIT.  All three aspects of the person must be in harmony. I am the Empowerment Coach you seek out when you are ready for big change.  Our sessions together have a bring together in harmony your Personal Trinity while tapping into your Infinity.  You are limitless, you will know this working with me and it will become your personal experience.

Through my years of experience as an Interrogator, Business Sales Leader, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Intuitive Coach, I have a full repertoire of skills that range from the highly logical to the highly intuitive.  I will not allow you hide to from your true self behind the illusion of excuses.  You cannot argue for your limitations because you have none.  The value you will receive from our sessions together is the equivalent of have 5 coaches for the price of 1. Once you start working with me,  you will be enlightened with awareness you have never experienced before.

CREATING SPACE℠  first taps into your intuitive side and then we add in the logic if needed.  Your old system of using logic first has taken you as far as you could go.  This is why you are seeking different solutions.  My coaching/mentoring is that solution.  If what you had been taught or known before worked, you would not be reading this now.

This is all about you. I will not make your decisions for you. I will coach and guide you through an inner-self discovery exploration. Through the use of personal experience and learning you own body’s emotional system, you will learn the language that will guide you to results logic cannot reach.

Together you will learn my technique of CREATING SPACE℠ for success. If you do not first CREATE the SPACE℠, it will not matter how many logical steps you take, success will be minimal or it will be elusive.   I help you cut down the effort, yet yield higher results.


Every step of the way you will be working with Denise to create the most immersive coaching/mentoring experience to succeed not only reaching but mastering your goals.





How can Denise help you help yourself?

" "To know a woman like Denise I consider a true blessing. When I learned of Denise's story and how she literally transformed her life and manifested everything she desired I was intrigued. The balance of groundedness with roots that went way down deep into spirituality allows Denise's open mind and open heart to receive channels of wisdom that are profound and refreshing! As a person, Denise has stepped up to the plate, being of service in a totally selfless manner. She sees where she can be of service and time and time again offers loving support, guidance and resources. A true achiever and rock solid spirit, Denise understands her contribution to the world and exactly how to offer it for all to benefit. This I am sure is why she is so successful, confident and caring. I come across many people in and outside of The Wellness Universe who operates from a place of lack, even when they are offering something. Denise has a pure energy to serve which always returns rewards. It is a privilege to work with such a secure, spiritual and love-centered woman! And what she has to offer is not second-hand fluff! Her original ideas, guidance and heartfelt wisdom shine as you can clearly see they come from a divine inspiration and a unique source. Her coaching is guided by love with your best interest at heart. ​ I trust Denise and all she represents. I feel comfortable and confident in her practices and highly recommend her guidance as she only advises on topics she is completely dedicated to. She has shown this time and time again. It's an honor and pleasure to have her as a member of The Wellness Universe."

Anna Peraira
Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe

"Denise has been a teacher and coach for me for several years and I credit her for leading me in the direction of discovering who I truly am — my authentic, eternal self — and living my life in alignment with it. She helped me to trust my intuition, and to feel empowered to make profound changes in my life that have resulted in greater happiness than I had ever dared to dream of. I am now working as a professional psychic thanks, in large part, to the encouragement she gave me to pursue my dream. Denise not only shares her divine insights and connection with the universe with clients and students, she teaches them how to achieve that level of awareness and connectedness for themselves. I continue to learn from Denise and refer my clients to her for life coaching and workshops, as well. Many, many thanks, and much love to you, Denise! ” – Laurie Blomer"

Laurie Blomer
Animal Communicator & Psychic Medium

"Denise is a energetic, insightful, powerful leader! She is refreshingly open, helpful and can address issues with such kindness. To learn from her inner strength, contact her to find out how she can help guide and change your life you today!"

Lisa Rufsholm Jones
Owner of Scientific Nutrition

"I cannot say enough good things about Denise... in fact words are not adequate to express the fireball of energy, the sparkly essence, the motivational guidance, the team building and above all the feeling of unconditional love that she expresses in everything she says and does... Denise you are a class act and I am grateful to work with you. <3"

Moira Hutchison
Owner of Wellness With Moira

"It is said and everyone we are sent everyone need during our journey here on earth. Denise entered my life at a critical point several years ago. The years that followed we’re filled with challenges that could only be met with strength, insight and awareness. ​ Denise was at my side as I met each of those challenges and she gave me the exact guidance of what I needed each step of the way. At times she reached out with gentleness and other times required tough love. Always present however was the truth. Always present was her connected wisdom. She stood by me and taught me to stand on my own. She taught me to stand tall with honor, courage, and wisdom. I’m now standing secure in the knowledge that I’m surrounded by love that is heaven sent. What more could I possibly need?"

Denise Mariano
Pieces of Light Blog

"It is an honor to work with Denise. She is so amazing, kind, generous and knowledgeable. Her angel readings are spot on and it is a delight to recommend her with the highest rating possible. Cheers."

Janette Stuart
Owner of Angel Angles

"Denise Povernick teaches from multiple levels. She understands the need to exercise our bodies and offers precise coaching and encouragement to get fit. She also is a seasoned entrepreneur who both knows success and is able to share tips. From the infinite place of her own spiritual awakening she knows the deception of thoughts, and the trap of attachment to the mind. And she teaches how to live from the truth of who we are, guided by the heart."

Rosi Goldsmith
Owner of Integration Massage

" first met Denise at a class at Chester County Night School!! It was such an awesome class learning about my angels, their names and their signs!! How eye opening. I have continued to take many different classes , both at night school and at Denise's home and the homes of some of my classmates. I love being in the presence of all of my spiritual friends - there is nothing like that feeling!! I love the positive outlook that Denise has about every aspect of life!!"

Regina Weinhardt
Business Owner

"I have had the pleasure of working with Denise through several entities - The Wellness Universe and Females Without Fear. Denise is truly heart centered, compassionate and giving. Her life is a testament to overcoming challenges and embrace them as opportunities. Denise's gift of expression and being able to feel emotions is truly amazing. Her presentation of her capabilities is top notch and professional without being intimidating - she welcomes all. Denise goes the distance and above expectations. I encourage others to align to Denise and the energy she brings to work on self and to grow in not just a spiritual way but also a physical way. We are going to collaborate and help as many as we can as we let others know they are not alone. I love her! <3"

Felicia L. Reed
Owner of Put It In Perspective Coaching

"I have taken numerous classes of Denise's and appreciate her knowledge, humor, and ability of reframing life's challenges into positive possibilities. Always learn and take away golden nuggets. She is wonderful!"

Laurie Nemec
Owner of My Mindful Garden

"I have known Denise for a long time and in different venues. She has encouraged and guided me through a very difficult transition in my life and helped me learn to trust myself and what I offer as an individual and not necessarily as someone’s friend, sister, mother, wife, daughter, etc. Open your heart, get rid of the stories you tell yourself, and things will be clear. Thanks Denise."

Gina Bruno Small
District Manager of Special Services at Insight Workforce Solutions

How Can I Help You?

Business is Personal & Personal Is Business

Unique Strategy Designs

Your Personal Business and Professional Business are not mutually exclusive and you do not want them to be.  You bring yourself to everything you create.  To compartmentalize either, is the biggest mistake both businesses and individuals make.  We begin your coaching begins with a Strategy Session. In this session we identify your strengths and challenges. We set goals, discover how you sabotage yourself/business and decide what support you’re looking for.

With these insights, Denise become your partner, committed to helping you create results.
Business coaching sessions typically occur weekly and take one hour each. We meet in person, over the phone or online, whichever works best.

We start by checking in on your wins and challenges, exploring your thought process and reviewing action steps.

Next we challenge your thinking, provide feedback and recommend tasks, tools and resources for moving you forward. We work to create “ah ha” breakthroughs and functional action plans for the week. Each session ends with you committing to specific measurable action steps.

Throughout the week you’re invited to check-in by phone or a private online meeting room to make sure you’re in action on your plans and not stalled.

Our top goal is for you to feel like we’ve got your back, unconditionally, while we seek to inspire and motivate you. We hold you accountable, track your progress and believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself!

Your coaching work is always confidential and available you 24/7 on our online coaching platform.

How do You benefit?


  • Greater Clarity – Discover your strengths, purpose and passion and how to integrate the different areas of your life, business/career to achieve true success and fulfillment
  • Increased Confidence – Trust and believe in yourself and your ability to create the health, relationships, happiness, and financial success you desire
  • Empowered Perspective – Freedom from the past, a renewed hope and vitality, and fresh outlook for your life
  • Measurable Results – Acknowledge and celebrate your progress and experience the joy of accomplishing your goals and dreams one step at a time
  • Weekly Inspiration – We will be cheering you on, as well as giving you the added push you need to get moving!
  • Relentless Support – We stand by you and are there to support you through all of life’s hurdles, opportunities, and achievements



If you are serious about getting unstuck and creating positive, forward momentum and alignment, this is the package for you.  This package of 6 45-minute in-depth and intense sessions, will give us enough time to get progress started.

We will hold 1 session per week.  Even if all you know is change is needed, this package provides adequate opportunity for us to get to the core of that feeling and come up with a powerful breakthrough by CREATING SPACE℠ to allow results to flow. 

We will establish your:

  1. JumpOff Point
  2. End Game
  3. 3 weekly action steps

Package also includes:

  • Daily Accountability with Denise & her team
  • Exclusively Membership Site & Digital Support Products
  • Exclusive Facebook Private  Creating Space Coaching Group

6 Week Commitment

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Do you have an important dream or goal that keeps getting put on the sideline? Do you feel that you could make it happen if you had some extra help, guidance, and support?  If you want to make a change in your life, and make sure it is anchored long after your last Empowerment Coaching/Mentoring Session then this is for you.

Regardless of whether your goal is personal or professional, you will create the space and learn how to fine tune when needed.  

This package contains:

  • 12 45-minute  in-depth and intense weekly coaching/mentoring sessions.
  • All the above benefits of the 6 Week intensive Jumpstart Program.
  • Making You the Core 
  • Defining additional areas of focus
  • Identifying and adding Value

  • Eliminating Distractions

  • Connecting to Your Passion/Purpose

3 Month Commitment

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Are you ready for a life and/or business makeover? Would you like to make some major changes and completely reinvent your life? Are you ready for a new you?

This is a bold move. This will  transform a mundane existence into an exciting and passionate adventure.   You are so worth the investment of time and money in yourself.  If not now when? 

The secret to completely reinventing your life successfully is to start with the person you are at your very core and work outwardly from there. This guarantees that your new life becomes a meaningful and accurate reflection of your true self.

I created the Creating Space℠ method using the Universal Laws.  These universal laws have no exceptions. That is why this method works.    Using this Creating Space℠ Method creates an anchor in the transformative energy that not only makes it a new way of life but a new way of being.  

This package contains:

  • 24 45-minute in-depth and intense weekly coaching/mentoring sessions.
  • All of the benefits mentioned in the JumpStart & Awakened Space Programs.
  • Exclusive access to a Creating Space Mastermind Weekly call.

6 Month Commitment

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Only 5 programs offered per year.  You must commit to the full program.

  • 52 1-hour weekly session
  • Direct email/texts access to Denise
  • Free access to online courses webinars offered during your 1 Year Program
  • All the benefits in the Enlightened, Awakened & Jumpstart Programs

12 Month Commitment

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