Day 1 Guidance: Dreams

Day 2 Guidance: Transformation

Day 3 Guidance: Peace

Day 4 Guidance: Celebrate Your Community

Welcome to Heart Song Whispers:

A Journey to Self- Awareness

Congrats for inquiring about Heart Song Whispers.  What an opportunity  gift you have given yourself.  You are now taking the first step in building a solid foundation for putting yourself first in your own life.

The more you continue repeating this process, the more you will learn about yourself and connect to the infinite supply of energy, love, wisdom, kindness, understanding and that is the tip of the iceberg.  We will accomplish this together in about 15 minutes together each day.  Though you are always free to take as long as you need.

You also will experience the daily feedback from our tribe and will have the opportunity to work with Denise

Our journey here is just beginning. There are currently 31 Days,one new topic each day, ready to go right now just for you. 

When you decide to join the Heart Song Whispers we slow things down and guide you to explore each topic and connect deeply at a new profound energy level within you.

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Heart Song Whispers: Your Personal Journey to Self-Awareness


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What is Your Heart Song?

Your Heart Song is a special way the Divine Intelligence within you speaks to you in a language only you can understand. You were not a born thinker or speaker, that has been taught to you by others.

Your Heart Song is unique to you. Only you can hear it. Only you can know it. It cannot be taught to you by another. Take the time and reset yourself back to factory settings. What I really mean to express is for you to go back to a time before you were taught words or conditioned to think.

Go back to your native language of feeling & emotions. The language of Feeling is the language of your Heart Song. Every person ever born was born knowing this intuitive language and it is what connects us to this day.

Please allow me the honor to guide you on your journey of self discovery as we take the steps to tune in and learn the song with your heart.

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Who is Heart Song Whispers Created For? 

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The What Ifs...

  • What if you could discover a power in your heart far greater than anything you ever imagined in your mind? 
  • What if you could silence the noise in your head to hear the whispers of your heart?
  • What if you knew how to release the past because your past has already released you?
  • What if you could learn how to find a center of peace and love inside your heart that has always been with you?

Search no further.  Denise's Heart Song Whisper's Mastermind Course will help you discover the answers to the above questions and tap into the Inner Wisdom & Inner Strength always present within you. 

Join Denise as she takes you on a year long journey to discover the unique song within your heart with daily videos, daily gratitude, inspired action steps and journaling points to ponder.

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"Denise’s Angel Readings helped bring clarity to my thoughts. She taught me that by trusting the “feel” of a situation, I would my my own truth. When you know your truth, You are not affected by what is going on around you. I learned not to give my energy to what is not in agreement if my truth. For this I am very grateful. Thank you Denise for your time, insights, and your passionate sharing of your gifts."

Lisa Worthington

"I took Denise's 6-week Angel course at the local middle school as a way to get out from under watching TV at night and to learn something new. I did not know what to expect, but it was definitely not Denise! She walked in and I truly did not know what to make of her. She had such confidence and immediately got our attention. She's super-charged with this really cool energy. It's not too often that someone can speak like her. She would relay stories and examples while teaching, yet it was never about her, she truly wanted us to "get it." I could tell there was something super powerful within her and she wanted us to share it. So we learned the topic of angels and what that means to us, but more importantly, she challenged us to dig deeper inside and to make space for these concepts so we could enjoy them in our daily lives. I knew after the first class that Denise was the real deal & has a special gift. I was grateful to be in her class. Each week, I learned more about myself and how everything I need is within. Such a powerful idea that not only gave me peace but also energized me and gave me such hope. We had only six weeks of classes for two hours each night, but I feel this class changed my life. I look forward to working with Denise in the future and am already signed up for another class! "

Donna Reinas

" It is said and everyone we are sent everyone need during our journey here on earth. Denise entered my life at a critical point several years ago. The years that followed we’re filled with challenges that could only be met with strength, insight and awareness. ​ Denise was at my side as I met each of those challenges and she gave me the exact guidance of what I needed each step of the way. At times she reached out with gentleness and other times required tough love. Always present however was the truth. Always present was her connected wisdom. She stood by me and taught me to stand on my own. She taught me to stand tall with honor, courage, and wisdom. I’m now standing secure in the knowledge that I’m surrounded by love that is heaven sent. What more could I possibly need?"

Denise Mariano
Pieces of Light Blog

"Denise has been a teacher and coach for me for several years and I credit her for leading me in the direction of discovering who I truly am — my authentic, eternal self — and living my life in alignment with it. She helped me to trust my intuition, and to feel empowered to make profound changes in my life that have resulted in greater happiness than I had ever dared to dream of. I am now working as a professional psychic thanks, in large part, to the encouragement she gave me to pursue my dream. Denise not only shares her divine insights and connection with the universe with clients and students, she teaches them how to achieve that level of awareness and connectedness for themselves. I continue to learn from Denise and refer my clients to her for life coaching and workshops, as well. Many, many thanks, and much love to you, Denise! ” – Laurie Blomer"

Laurie Blomer
Spiritual Teacher, Medium

"She is fantastic! Denise is kind and the real deal. She has helped me (& others in my family) reconnect and rediscover the person I was meant to be! She gently guides, instructs & leads you towards self-realization and growth."

Marcella Canfarotta
Job Title