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Part 1: 4 Elements Evaluation

This evaluation was designed after the 4 elements in nature and to bring your greater awareness of where your are versus where you could be.  We will measure your current Jump Off Point within your body regarding:

  • Water: Your current Hydration Level
  • Air: Your current Oxygenation Level
  • Earth: Your current Caloric Level Value
  • Fire: Your current Metabolism Level

Once you are aware of where you are, you can then begin to establish where you would like to be and how to measure your progress.

Part 2: 4 Core Triggers Evaluation

You have triggers within you, that keep you from moving forward and making the much needed changes in your life. Most of these trigger are subconscious and you may not know they exist.  This evaluation will help you identify your triggers so can plan ahead of time to overcome them when they make themselves known during your Fit & Healthy Adventure!

We will look at your:

  • Mental Triggers
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Physical Triggers
  • Food Triggers

Part 3 Our Recommendations: 4 Core Action Steps

Once we have the above evaluations completed, you will be give 4 Core Action Steps that you can take immediately.  They are:

  • Mental Strategy - Thought Changing Techniques
  • Emotional Strategy - Body Awareness
  • Exercise Recommendation - Get Your Body Moving
  • Nutrition Solution - What can stay & what has to go.

These action steps, done over time, will improve your Fit & Healthy levels and provide a great foundation for amazing change.

Part 4 Our Projected 3 Month: Personalized Outcomes

Once we have the above evaluations completed, you will also be give your  4 Projected 3 Month Outcomes. At InnerStrength U we like to make you aware of which path you are currently on, what other paths are available to you and what you can expect on each path.


  • Take no action
  • Implement recommended action steps
  • Join Our No Brainer Nutrition Group Program
  • Join Our No Brainer Nutrition Personalized Program

At InnerStrength U, we know informed decisions are the best decisions.  We are happy to provide the strongest starting line and finished line to give you a tue picture of all your amazing possibilities. 

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How We Help You Help Yourself


To Tracking Your Progress

In addition to your Personalized Road Map to Fit & Healthy, we will include our Progress Tracking Worksheets.  Know what to track is only have the battle.  We have created a wide variety simple worksheets to track your progress.

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Great informative, consistent information to support you on your journey. Each topic thoroughly explained and broken down step by step just for you!

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To Tracking Your Progress

This program takes you through 1 new focus topic each day. We help you  rewire your understanding and thinking on each topic by identifying bad habits and helping you create new habits.  You will build a solid foundation and new Mindset that will lead you to your nutrition becoming a No Brainer.

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You are not only just ONE STEP away from getting unstuck but also in obtaining greater awareness of how you can make simple lasting changes now in your life to bring amazing changes long term changes to your health! Don't wait another minute!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you can make any changes to how you think about and eat food, we must understand your current behaviors and tendencies, and loops.  Contributors to poor nutrition and excess weight include stress, travel, work schedule, nutrition knowledge, relationships and many others.  During your consultation, we will gather this information with questions such as:

  • What does a typical day look like for you?
  • What do you struggle with when choosing your foods?
  • Why is making a change so crucial now?
  • How much nutrition is in the current food s you eat?

Collecting this information is important because it allows our nutrition counselor to determine you jump off point, and it gives you the opportunity to reflect on choices that have become routine decisions.  We know that small compromises here and there become bad habits and can result in your weight and overall health being far from where you want it to be.
Based upon your conversation, we will determine if you are ready for this commitment.  If you are Denise will begin to work with you to create a Personalized  Accountability + Nutrition Plan that fits your schedule and nutrition needs.

During future meetings, using your current jump off point, Denise will begin making recommendations to make it easier to eat nutritious meals and satisfying snacks throughout the day to help you reach your nutrition and/or weight loss goals.

First, Denise will determine how much energy your body needs to make it through a normal day.  We will determine your Basal  Metabolic Rate then add in the demands of your lifestyle including work and exercise. In building your plan, two factors are key:

  • You should not be hungry: effective weight loss occurs when your body can maintain ongoing metabolic activity
  • You should eat a variety of foods: a plan including all major food groups best supports long term health and eliminates ongoing feelings of deprivation

Our goal is for you to eat 5-6 times a day, which includes a combination of meals and snacks made with real food.  The purpose is to eat enough food to support a high level of metabolic activity.   

Accountability  is key.  Your daily or weekly check ins are just as important as your work meetings or workouts at the gym. As you work with your nutrition counselors, they will begin to understand your habits and will know the important questions to ask to keep you on track. 

We’ll warn you now.  Denise will be tough.   You will not be able to hide behind excuses or argue for your limitations.

Meeting with Denise each week encourages you to regularly reflect on your food choices and eating patterns, and allows you to quickly make incremental improvements and nip bad habits in the bud.  Because many small changes are easier to make than one massive readjustment, choosing Daily Accountability Check Ins helps keep you on track and accountable to your weight loss and nutrition goals.

Further, regula weekly sessions enable you to discuss upcoming events.  Preparation & planning are keep to navigating dinners out, weddings, a day at the Amusement Park, a night at the movies etc.  In the same way, coming in to recap these events shortly after they happen allows you receive instant feedback on unforeseen challenges that you tackled during the event.

Preparing and eating your own meals is a key component of your weight loss and nutrition success.  We are aware that there are other weight loss methods on the market that rely on taking supplements such as “fat burners, metabolism boosters, and meal replacement shakes. Other systems force you to eat pre-packaged meals loaded with preservatives and synthetic ingredients.   We believe that successful weight loss and weight maintenance takes place when your learn how and why you are eating the foods you are eating.  It is important to know how the food serves you short term (nutrition) and how it is moving you toward your long term goal.

Denise teaches you the right foods to eat, and adjusts your food quantities to achieve 2-3 pounds of weight loss each week.  You will  pick the foods you eat, so you will enjoy all the foods on the plan that will change weekly. You will learn both how to cook your own meals at home, and how to identify the healthy options on a restaurant menu.  We will move you away from eating empty calorie foods from a bag, box or can.

During weight maintenance, you will continue to eat the same foods, but you will learn how much food your body needs to feel full, satisfied, and sustain your healthy weight.  We will look at in the moment feedback from you body to determine if the food your eating serves you will kinesthetic muscle testing.

How does tracking & logging you food help us help you? We will you be able to identify your areas for improvement based on your current habits and patterns.   We celebrate your successes once we see how you conquered difficult situations.

Our most successful clients log all of their food: the good and the bad .  If it passes your lips, it gets logged. The more honest and transparent you are with me, the more I can help and guide you.    Instead, the food log allows you to determine where you need to dedicate the most attention and energy into making yourself better.

We try to make it as easy as possible to log your food.  We have paper forms that you can quickly fill out after a meal, and an online app that lets you input what you have eaten throughout the day.  Developing an active and mindful sense of what you put into your body will help you continue to make positive and healthy improvements as you continue to lose weight.

Eating out at restaurants can be tricky because menus are designed to make everything sound delicious (as they should), and our challenge is to help you pick foods on the menu that will hit every note on your taste palette and not do any damage to your waistline.

We hope that you will learn not to be scared of your food, or intimidated by circumstances such as lavish buffets or awesome dessert tables.  Instead, your we will teach you how to calmly evaluate your options and make smart choices to keep you on track with your weight loss target.

Meet Denise B. Povernick

Denise B. Povernick, The CEO Secret Weapon, is a well-known, highly sought after:

​Denise helps Ceos, High Level Executives & Entrepreneurs facilitate Creative Breakthroughs that defy logic.  Denise engineers Performance Optimization through Unbreakable Health and Infinite Supply of Energy.  New levels of Unimaginable Success are not only realized but instantly experienced and completely understood.  Inspired action quickly follows.

Denise has guided thousands of people to connect to their inner strength and inner wisdom.  She helps people shift from feeling stuck, overwhelmed to enjoying life by being aligned with their life purpose through inspired, empowered actions.

In addition to being a mom of 5 amazing children, she has spent the past 25+ years living her passion helping others combine Mind-Body-Spirit to lead a life of healthy & happy fulfilling lives.

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Meet Curvin Desmoulin

​Curvin Desmoulin became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2014 and joined forces with Denise to turn his passion into his Life Purpose.  Curvin spent 10+ years detailing cars while fine tuning his knowledge & experience in the gym.  Curvin enjoys helping people transform their body and their lives.  He helps other realize their true strength both physical and mental. The key to realizing one’s true strength is to overcome the fears and doubts that comes with change.

Curvin believes in developing a strong mental focus to help you overcome many life obstacles. Curvin empowers you to realize you are always in control through the power of your choices. Curvin encourages clients to trust themselves by offering challenging training sessions personalized to the individual client’s needs.  He teaches the importance of prepping meals ahead of time for the next day, the importance of cardiovascular exercises and stretching in addition to weight training.

Curvin also encourages the importance of finding or creating your tribe: a strong support system family and friends that will embrace the changes you are making in your life.  The InnerStrength University Tribe is part of that foundation

Curvin’s areas of expertise include:  Strength Training, Form & Technique, Sports Conditioning, TRX, Circuit Training, Flexibility, Plyometrics & Kettlebells.  His creative mind allows for great variety, clients never get the same training session twice.  

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