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Heart Song Whispers℠ - Volume 1

    • Your Heart Song is a special way the Divine Intelligence within you speaks to you in a language only you can understand. You were not a born thinker or speaker, that has been taught to you by others.

      Your Heart Song is unique to you. Only you can hear it. Only you can know it. It cannot be taught to you by another. Take the time and reset yourself back to factory settings. What I really mean to express is for you to go back to a time before you were taught words or conditioned to think.

      Search no further.  Denise's Heart Song Whisper's Mastermind Program will help you discover the answers to the above questions and tap into the Inner Wisdom & Inner Strength always present within you. 

      Join Denise for 31 Day Journey to Self Awareness as she takes you on a personal journey to discover the unique song within your heart with daily videos, daily gratitude, inspired action steps and journaling points to ponder.

    • Daily Guidance is such an amazing way to start your day off with a clear mind, a positive intention and focus and a connected Heart. 

      Each day, for 31 days , you will receive an email notifying you that a new Heart Song Whisper has opened and is activated to be experienced by you.  

      Upon enrolling you will receive:
      • 1 year access to your personal Heart Song Whisper Account for easy access
      • 31 Days of custom made Heart Song Whisper Cards (with downloadable copy) 
      • 31 Days  of custom made Guidance videos with Meditation included
      • 31 Days  of Journaling Pondering Points
      • 31 Days of Inspired Action Steps
      • 31 Days of Gratitude Journaling
      • 31 Days of Today's Namaste
      • 31 Days of Affirmations
      • Daily links to other similar information on the topics.

What People Are Saying:

“"To know a woman like Denise I consider a true blessing. When I learned of Denise's story and how she literally transformed her life and manifested everything she desired I was intrigued. The balance of groundedness with roots that went way down deep into spirituality allows Denise's open mind and open heart to receive channels of wisdom that are profound and refreshing! As a person, Denise has stepped up to the plate, being of service in a totally selfless manner. She sees where she can be of service and time and time again offers loving support, guidance and resources. A true achiever and rock solid spirit, Denise understands her contribution to the world and exactly how to offer it for all to benefit. This I am sure is why she is so successful, confident and caring. I come across many people in and outside of The Wellness Universe who operates from a place of lack, even when they are offering something. Denise has a pure energy to serve which always returns rewards. It is a privilege to work with such a secure, spiritual and love-centered woman! And what she has to offer is not second-hand fluff! Her original ideas, guidance and heartfelt wisdom shine as you can clearly see they come from a divine inspiration and a unique source. Her coaching is guided by love with your best interest at heart. ​ I trust Denise and all she represents. I feel comfortable and confident in her practices and highly recommend her guidance as she only advises on topics she is completely dedicated to. She has shown this time and time again. It's an honor and pleasure to have her as a member of The Wellness Universe." ”

Anna Pereira, Co-Founder of TheWellnessUniverse.com