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Reiki Energy Healing for Attunement & Certification

This Page is for those individuals who would like to  become attuned and certified in the Reiki Healing Modality.  

If you would to simply schedule a Reiki Healing Session, please go to our Reiki Healing Sessions Page: CLICK HERE

Reiki is a natural, simple, safe, effective energy healing system that uses spiritually guided Universal energy, the energy which permeates our entire universe and all living things. This energy is channeled through the hands of the practitioner into the body and aura of the receiver. It is an ancient healing system that has been used for thousands of years and was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a Japanese term meaning universal energy, or spiritually guided universal energy because it is the Divine Consciousness,  that guides this life force.  Reiki can also be sent to someone who is not physically present, this is called distance healing.  Reiki heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to help return the body to its natural perfect state. It increases spiritual awareness and progress and is a means for each person to access the richness of his soul and discover his own great potential. Reiki is not a system of religious beliefs.

After being attuned to the art of Reiki and its accompanying symbols, practitioners become an open channel for the universal life energy.  This energy supports the integration of body, mind, and spirit, thus creating greater balance in one’s life.  Reiki is a spiritual practice. “KI” (also known as chi or qi) means “universal life force,” and “REI” translates to “including all.” There is no dogma one must believe or practice in order to benefit.


Reiki Certification & Attunements

A Reiki attunement is having the Reiki symbols placed permanently in your aura energy so that you can access them for the rest of your life. This allows you to practice Reiki anywhere and anytime. As soon as the attunement is complete, you can channel Reiki.

People choose to receive an attunement for many reasons. Some people may be called to a healing path and desire to become a Reiki practitioner. Others want to channel Reiki only for themselves, or so they can provide Reiki for healing to an ill family member or pet. In this way, they eliminate the need to pay someone else to provide Reiki for them.




Reiki Certification - Level 1 to Master Teacher (complete program)

Note:  This is a PRIVATE 1 on 1 mentoring certification & attunement Usui Reiki Program.  You will not only be required to learn & understanding Reiki but more importantly experience & live Reiki!

This is a progressive Usui Reiki Certification & Attunement Program that starts the Student at Level 1 Reiki and progresses through Level 2, Master Level & ends at the Master Teacher Attunement & Certification. This course is personally designed for each student's individual experience. See our website for all that is offered at each level of Certification.

There is a 10% discount for purchasing the entire 4 Level Certification course than is purchased individually.

Each level is equipped with a digital access to our Reiki course Website with lifetime access. Each level has a manual, videos and slideshow presentations to add value to the 1 on 1 personalized mentoring offered by Reiki Master Denise B. Povernick.

This Reiki Certification is like no other. The Student is not only guided to learn Reiki but to experience & live Reiki.

Reiki 4 Master Teacher Certification

This class will promote healing on an emotional level as a Reiki Master, and help you become a clearer healer. Psychic Surgery Technique, The Art of Being a Healer, Chelation Technique, Practice intuitive Skills using Reiki and etheric template clearing, Cleansing and working with the 5th, 6th, and 7th level of the subtle body. The importance of a scared healing professional space, with candles, music, and crystals. Expanding your experience of life around you and create a deepened sense of sacred space and well-being for those who reach out to you for Reiki Healing.

In the sacred tradition of Reiki training, a Reiki master is empowered with the energetic ability to initiate others into the Reiki system of natural healing. Once that ability is hardwired into our energetic system through master level Reiki initiation, it changes life for the better by raising our vibration and attracting situations, people, and circumstances that are in alignment with our soul’s highest purpose. 

The student will be initiated with three master level symbols and learn how to use these symbols to deepen our own healing practice and initiate others into the Reiki system. We also explore advanced Reiki practices that enhance psychic ability as well as techniques that allow one individual to send Reiki healings to many people simultaneously as well as those who want to simply deepen their healing practice. All who complete this training receive Reiki master certification.

Reiki 3 Master Certification

In this Certification, you will be attuned to the Master Level of Reiki Healing Energy. You will be taught the Master Symbol used for Spiritual Healing. You will practice and master the techniques and principles learned in levels one and two. This class will promote healing on an emotional level, so being completely open and honest with yourself in your journey in this class will promote a deeper self-awareness and healing.  After this Certification, you will be known as a Reiki Master.

Reiki 2 Certification

In this certification,  you will be attuned to the Second Degree of Reiki Healing Energy.   We will not only expand on the principles of Level One, but you will also learn 3 healing symbols and how to do a long distance healing & attunement. This class will help you connect to your intuition and you will be trained in energetic as well as body assessment. You will be fully attuned 100% to channeling Reiki energy.

Reiki Level 2 is taken at least 2 months after beginning Level 1 work or by Master approval.  This period of time is an important opportunity to practice Reiki and ensure your energy is high.  Unlike Usui Level 1, the progressive workshops require the use of mental energy and as a result can be draining for those who have not been using their Reiki for self-healing.

Reiki 1 Certification

In this Certification, you will be attuned to the First Degree of Reiki Healing Energy. You will learn the hand positions to give a full body Reiki treatment to yourself and others. You will learn the history of Reiki and its basic principles. You will also begin to learn about your chakras, your auric field, scanning the body, and unblocking the chakras.   Reiki I is all that is needed to channel Reiki healing energy to others and to yourself.

Reiki 1 is the foundation course for activating the Reiki flow in your hands.  This course is ideal for anyone wanting to increase their vitality and energy and reduce stress.  Reiki is so easy to use that it is ideal for lay people who are not familiar with natural health and methods of healing as it provides an excellent foundation for exploring other types of modalities.  The certification is very experiential with exercises, practice and sharing of techniques and ideas.