Communicate Confidently Online Summit

September 16 - 25, 2019

Tune in to learn:
  • How to find the RIGHT words at the RIGHT time and communicate our needs clearly and effectively
  • How to LISTEN to our partners and family members to truly understand what they need from us
  • How to effectively communicate our strengths and our challenges in the workplace so we don’t find ourselves over-tasked, overwhelmed or UNDERwhelmed.
  • How to talk with our kids in a way that will make them comfortable opening us to us and being more receptive to our own advice
There are  20 qualified amazing diverse experts (including yours truly) participating including Men Are from Mars Author John Gray & Former NY Yankee James Leyritz.




2019 Premier International Women's Business Systems Virtual Summit

September 23-27, 2019

he 2019 International Women's Business Systems Virtual Summit (#BSVS2019) is a 5 Day Event during which over 60 female entrepreneurs and business professionals will share the business systems they use every day to systematize and scale their businesses!

A business system is defined A methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers.  It can be a tool or a process that you implement in such a way that you accomplish the goal the same way every time. In the 2019 Premier International Women's Business Systems Virtual Summit, each speaker covers one system that they use regularly to create massive shifts. 
Unlike most summits, the speakers inside #BSVS2019 are female entrepreneurs themselves and were hand-picked as top entrepreneurs who are using these systems every day. We purposefully left the gurus you always hear from out because we wanted to help you understand how REAL world entrepreneurs are using the systems they have chosen to design the lives of their dreams.
In this summit, the goal is for YOU to get the information right from those who are successfully using each system to accomplish their goals of strategically building their businesses, saving hours upon hours of time, and ultimately increasing their revenue.
The philosophy behind #BSVS2019 comes from Benjamin Franklin who used to run regular Masterminds in his own town. Each time his mastermind would meet he would ask each member, "What is working for you and how can the rest of us emulate that today?" 
And now, you will learn what is working for our speakers and how you can emulate these systems to work for you!

2019 International Soul Purpose Summit

October 1, 2019

Are you tired of playing small because deep in your heart you know you’re born for an extraordinary and abundant life?
Maybe you know you have a Soul’s calling and you want to follow your true purpose. But it’s scary, and you get stuck. Or you feel blocked and you’re not sure how to make it work.
Are you ready to follow your true purpose?
Learn How to listen to the voice of your Soul instead of the voice of the mind. Starts October 1, 2019
Join me & 20  other distinguished Speakers as we help you Unblock Your Path & Find Your True Purpose!



SoulTreat in Sedona Az


November 2-3, 2019


Are you ready to release what holds you back, what limits you and the beliefs that weigh you down?

Are you ready to connect to your whole self and finally live the life you’re meant to?

SoulTreat wellness retreat is calling you!


Join our Wellness Universe World-Changers for 2 powerful days of workshops and talks geared towards releasing, resetting and reigniting that powerful soul of yours.

Be fully immersed in 2 days of total wellness of mind, body and spirit. Be up close and personal with powerful healers, coaches, teachers and thought leaders who have created a space for you to show up as YOU. Safe, inclusive and fun!


Don’t wait another moment longer. That restlessness within is simply your calling to go deeper and come out stronger! Join us in Sedona, AZ on November 2-3, 2019 for a magical & transformational treat for your Soul!


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